TENOR Placido Domingo received a standing ovation last night(June 9) at the end of his first concert in his native Spain for 18 months.

The singing star’s career stuttered to a virtual halt in 2019 in the wake of allegations over sexual misbehaviour towards women.

80-year-old Domingo performed at a charity event in aid of the Cruz Roja at Madrid’s National Auditorium, attended by regional president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

His previous Spanish appearance was at Valencia’s Palau de Les Arts in December 2019 as a cast member in the opera, Nabucco.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso said: “It is a source of pride that Placido Domingo has returned home and pride that he is amongst us.”

“He is one of the greatest tenors and ambassadors that Spain has ever had,” she added.

Spain’s Equality Minister, Irene Montero, attacked the audience who applauded Domingo.

In a social media posting, Irene Montero said:”I would like them to ask themselves what kind of a message are they sending to those women(who accused Domingo) and to those who are sexually assaulted every day in our country.”

Speaking at a Madrid ceremony today where he was given the title of ‘Honorary Ambassador for World Heritage in Spain’, Placido Domingo said: “I feel great emotion. It’s my city…the city of Madrid. It was such a special night last night.”

The opera singer was accused of sexual misconduct by initially eight women nearly two years ago.

That grew to over three dozen female performers and backstage staff who were mentioned in a report published by the American Guild of Music artists.

Most of the victims preferred to stay anonymous but accused Domingo of ‘unwanted touching’ and attempts to ‘kiss them on the lips’.

Soprano, Angela Turner Wilson, said that Domingo entered her dressing room before a performance and touched her breasts leaving her ‘stunned’ and ‘humiliated’.

No charges have ever been brought against the singer but he apologised for making his female colleagues ‘uncomfortable’ and he denied any ‘aggressive’ behaviour.

The allegations cost Domingo dearly as he resigned as director of the Los Angeles Opera Company.

American venues pulled all of his scheduled dates, along with appearances around the world.

His next Spanish concert will be at the Starlite festival in Marbella on August 18.



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