THE Junta has announced that it will decide on June 15 if the region is to advance to the next COVID-19 de-escalation phase.

The region had initially planned to transition into phase two of the three-phase plan at the end of May, however the high COVID-19 incidence rate in Andalucia forced the Junta to slow down its de-escalation plan towards normality.

During a press conference this Thursday, Health Minister Jesus Aguirre announced that the Advisory Council on High Impact Public Health Alerts (the so-called committee of experts) will meet and evaluate the situation, in particular the 14 day accumulated incidence rate, on Tuesday, June 15.

Aguirre acknowledged that Andalucia’s cumulative incidence rate of 189 per 100,000 inhabitants, at 14 days, ‘is high compared to the expectations we had’.

“We are well above the national average,” he said, after indicating that the average for Spain is 111.9, although he went on to claim that ‘we are well below the average for ICU beds, which is another very important variable’.

Current COVID-19 de-escalation phase in Andalucia.

Andalucia is currently in the ‘Stabilisation phase 1’ which sees the following restrictions:

  • The opening hours for the hotel and catering industry throughout Andalucia remains unchanged until midnight, with tables of up to 10 people permitted on terraces, up to 8 inside.
  • Nightclubs can open until 2am, although with limitations and dance floors are only permitted in outdoor spaces with masks and just in level 1 areas.
  • There are currently no restrictions at beaches and swimming pools as long as the social distancing between groups can be maintained.

According to the latest daily statistics for Andalucia, 1527 new cases of the virus have been recorded in the region during the last 24 hours.

In Malaga Province there have been 232 new cases, and two deaths registered.


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