A MAMMOTH haul of fuel has been seized in a public car park after a tip off from the public to what is described as ‘a bomb waiting to go off’.

Over 1000 litres of fuel, similar to the type used in drug smuggling vessels, was found inside a Mercedes car parked at the Arengo’s Palace housing development.

A member of the public alerted the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) who quickly arrived on the scene and gained entry to the vehicle to remove the highly flammable liquid.

In total 50 containers were removed from the car in what police are calling a major blow to organised crime in the area.

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A haul of 50 containers found in a parked car in a housing development in Gibraltar (RGP)

The RGP also commented how the very serious risk of a fire and explosion was averted thanks to the quick actions of the member of the public.

Large quantities of this type of fuel are often stored on high-speed boats used for the smuggling of drugs to various parts of Spain and Africa in order to avoid docking to refuel.


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