A COUPLE from Torreblanca (Castellon) have been arrested on suspicion of inflicting severe brain injuries on their two-month-old baby after the child was admitted to hospital in a serious condition.

National Police officers detained the parents, aged 27 and 29, after doctors at the Intensive Care Unit at Castellon General Hospital reported that the child was suffering from a series of brain injuries known as the ‘shaken baby syndrome’.

This form of internal damage is said to be caused by literally shaking the baby vigorously, usually out of frustration when the parents or carers are unable to stop the child crying.

Due to babies’ extremely delicate neck and brain, shaking them for just five seconds can cause severe damage to vital blood vessels that can lead to long-term physical and psychological problems.

Baby Beaters Arrested
‘Shaken baby syndrome’ can cause long-lasting damage

Upon diagnosing the syndrome, medical staff and the authorities launched an emergency protocol to protect the victim, who despite the severity of the injuries is said to be in a stable condition and recovering slowly.

The parents have no previous criminal history and refused to answer questions by the police, awaiting formal legal proceedings.

In a similar case last September, a father was arrested in Castellon and remanded in custody for allegedly beating his 10-month-old baby to death.

In this case, the police had a file on the man – aged 20 and with some form of severe mental disorder – for suspected previous mistreatment against the child.


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