A MAN who attacked police with a knife has been banned from the town where he lives for two years after a series of other incidents linked to his bipolar condition. 

Quim N. was jailed for nine years for brandishing a knife to threaten a woman and two police officers to steal a bottle of rum in July 2020. 

A judge ruled that after his release from prison, he cannot return to live in Tiana, a town of 8,700 inhabitants near Barcelona for at least two years. 

Teh town of Tiana near Barcelona. Photo by Oriol París – Public Domain/wikimedia

The knife attack was the latest in a series of incidents involving the 43-year-old.   

Quim N. was diagnosed as a bipolar condition and has had a history of difficult relations with his neighbours. 

In a ruling, the judge in the case said Quim was being banned to “guarantee the right of the neighbours to live safely, without fear and without constant violence caused by” the offender. 

The court heard Quim N.’s relative wealth made him feel he had the right to “disturb and frighten the neighbours”.   

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