RESIDENCIA APPLICANTS with severe mobility issues can now apply to have their fingerprints taken at home, thanks to a Policia Nacional initiative.

Alicante authorities are now running a Mobile Fingerprint Unit for TIE applicants who are unable to go to the police station for their fingerprints.

In order for you to request this service, there is procedure to follow carefully and a list of documents that you need to provide:

  • Completed and signed application form available to download here
  • Authorisation signed by the applicant to the person submitting the application in-person to the police.
  • Official medical certificate confirming that the applicant suffers from a severe mobility condition and cannot go to the Police Station in person to have the fingerprints taken.
  • Relevant Mobile phone numbers.
  • Receipt of payment of the €12 fee 790 code 012. Click here for instructions on how to complete and pay this fee.
  • Completed Form EX 23, available to download here.
  • Passport and photocopy of the identification page.
  • A recent photo (not more than a couple of months old), Spanish ‘DNI’ size (32x26mm).
  • Certificate of empadronamiento (Padrón).
  • The applicant ‘Green residency document’ or ‘Resolución de Concesión’ of residency.

The above mentioned documentation has to be taken by the applicant’s authorised representative to the Police Station in Calle Campo de Mirra, 6. Alicante

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