THE tourist voucher ‘Bonotur’ promoted by the Junta, has been reactivated in time for the summer holidays.

Following the success of the previous holiday voucher initiative run by the Junta, which was launched last October and ran through until May 31 of this year, the scheme has once again been put in motion.

The new tourist voucher will subsidise up to 50% of expenses in hotels and restaurants in the Autonomous Community of Andalucia, with a maximum of €200 euros per two-night break and an upper limit of three trips.

But how do you apply for your Bonotur? The Olive Press gives a breakdown on all the requirements and FAQ below.

Who can use the tourist voucher?

  • Anyone registered in a municipality in Andalucia (empadronamiento) or who is a holder of the Andalucian ‘Tarjeta de Andaluz o Andaluza en el Exterior’ a document that credits a person’s status as Andalucian, even if they live abroad and wishes to travel in Andalucia.

What are the contracting requirements?

  • A minimum of two nights, which must be booked through travel agencies and companies that have the ‘Andalucia Segura’ seal, or directly with the establishment itself, if the stay is just for the minimum two nights.

What is the maximum discount I can expect to receive?

  • The Tourist Voucher offers a 25% refund of the cost of the accommodation service including, where applicable, the breakfast service, up to a maximum of €200.
  • The discount will be increased to 50% in cases where the applicant has not been obliged to declare in the tax year 2019 or 2020 or has a recognised degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.
  • The aid is extended to 500 euros for stays of four or more nights booked through a travel agency by people over 65 or under 25 years of age.

How many times can I apply for a voucher this summer?

  • Up to a maximum of three times.

Which are the ‘Andalucía Segura’ establishments?

  • To find out which agencies and accommodation establishments have the Andalucia Segura label, you can access the Tourist Establishments and Services search engine, filtering by the corresponding activity, check that the ‘Andalucia Segura’ box has been ticked.

How do you process the voucher?

  • Once the holiday is completed, the next step will be to present the invoice provided by the establishment in any official register of the Andalucian Regional Government in person or virtually.
  • After verification, the current account will be credited with 25 or 50% – depending on the income – or expense of the trip.


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