A 79-year-old British man has been tricked into selling his house by his caregiver, who then attempted to pocket the €74,000 for himself.

The elderly man, who had been living in Estepona, suffers from cognitive problems and the 24-year-old Romanian carer was hired to look after him.

Suspicion arose when the suspect tried to cash a check for the sale of the house of €44,000 – the rest of the payment (€30,000) was made in cash. 

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The Romanian caregiver scammed the elderly man into selling his house for just €74,000.

The bank’s fraud prevention allerted the local police, who investigated the alleged crime.

According to the authorities, neither the estate agents nor the notary’s office noticed anything to be wrong with the elderly man when the signing took place.

When questioned, he also had no recollection of selling his house or taking the €30,000 cash payment of the house.

Investigators concluded on June 22 that the caregiver was guilty of taking advantage of the old man’s ill-health, convincing him to sell his property and attempting to steal the money.

The British man is said to now be living with his nieces and nephews. 

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