TELEVISION SERVICES sold illegally online have been taken down and six people arrested in various parts of Spain.

The dedicated criminal organisation was dismantled with multiple arrests in Malaga, Castellón, Valencia and Madrid.

The illicit TV supply company is believed to have served around 2,000 customers across the country.

Iptv Police

A further two were arrested for acting as resellers, forwarding the service to another 1,000 users.

Policia Nacional estimates the group pulled in an annual profit of approximately €150,000.

Investigations started last year when Telefónica detected a series of connected websites whose purpose was to market, sell and supply an illicit TV service without permission.

Payment methods were immediately suspended and website owners were denounced.

The main protagonist was sought out, as it was he that broadcast the signal to both customers and resellers.

Police sources say that the organization had a typical structure for the distribution of illicit signals through IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

Simultaneous raids and registrations in three addresses 

The criminal gang boss lived in Estepona (Malaga) while the other five members lived in Madrid, San Antonio de Benagéber (Valencia) Vall de Uxó (Castellón).

Once a link between the gang members was proven, forced entries were carried out at all locations, with  the aim of collecting digital evidence and dismantling the illicit broadcasting system set up.

Equipment found at the Estepona site revealed the extent of the 2,000 plus end users, and also the resellers.

With a total combined number of users exceeding 3,000, all paying around €50 each, police estimate an annual income of around €150,000.

Telefónica had estimated their losses of about €500,000 euros per year.

The detainees are charged with crimes against intellectual property and against conditional television broadcasting services.

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