THE BRITISH Prime Minister has warned of ‘a difficult year for travel’ as he played down suggestions that the success of the vaccine roll-out could see restrictions on foreign travel eased.

Johnson noted while that the rate of vaccination against COVID-19 ‘is going from strength to strength’ but added ‘it is going to be, whatever happens, a difficult year to travel’.

He said:  “There will be problems, there will be delays, I am afraid … the priority is to keep the country safe and prevent the virus from returning.”

Speaking on Monday, Johnson reiterated the Government’s intention to complete the de-escalation in England on July 19.

The Prime Minister has called July 19 ‘Terminus Day’ and said it was ‘looking good’ for all remaining restrictions in England end.

However, ministers say despite the lifting of domestic restrictions, Brits must stick to the traffic light travel system.

Once the non-essential travel ban was lifted in May, quarantine and coronavirus testing requirements for people returning to the UK from abroad have been based on a traffic light system.

People from the UK should only be travelling overseas holidays to countries on the green list, say ministers, while trips to amber list countries should only be made in exceptional circumstances.

But after Portugal was moved to the amber list following the last review at the beginning of June, thing are looking bleak for major tourist destinations.

There are now no major viable tourist destinations on the quarantine-free green list and Spain remains on the amber list.


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