THIRTEEN families have been evacuated and 350 hectares of pine forest destroyed in a forest fire in Jubrique (Malaga).

The Infoca fire fighting service says that they are starting to get the blaze under control.

It started at about 1am today (July 9), which is when the 112 emergency line received a number of calls reporting a fire in a mountainous area where there are several isolated houses.

Homes in the areas known as  El Estercal and La Monarda were evacuated by emergency services as winds fanned the flames.

Jubrique Fire
Fighting the flames in Jubrique. Credit; Infoca

Infoca, Guardia Civil, the provincial Fire Brigade, Local Police and the health service all sent personnel to the scene.

The Guardia Civil confirmed that a total of 13 families, some of them with children, had to be evacuated. They spent the night in Jubrique, in a local hotel.

Fire in Jubrique Credit: Infoca

More than 100 forest firefighters were sent to the scene as well as ‘a large contingent’ of planes and helicopters.

The blaze comes just two days after a forest fire that resulted in the closure of El Faro beach in the town of Alcaidesa, near San Roque.

Thirty two forest firefighters, three environment agents, two fire engines, an MA-2 and a KA-0 helicopter fought the fire through the night until the early hours.

A change to the strong Levant wind caused the fire to grow rapidly during the night and kept firefighters occupied for many hours.


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