WOMEN in the town of Alhaurin de la Torre have come up with a decorative way to provide shade during the hottest hours this summer.

A knitting group have created a giant screen made of colourful crochet patches to stretch between buildings  over one the town’s busiest shopping streets in the town in Malaga province of Andalucia.

The group, under the instruction of crochet expert Eva Pacheco spent months in workshops and at home working together to produce the innovative drape which was unveiled earlier this month.

“The project has kept us busy during a difficult year,” she said.

It covers an area of around 500 square metres along a 60metre stretch running from Plaza del Conde.

And it has proved quite a tourist attraction already.

Jéssica Trujillo, the councillor for the environment department at the town hall which promoted the initiative said that it had already had a big impact on the town. “It represents our commitment to respect for the environment but also to promote local and traditional trade.

“It’s an original way to attract visitors to the town and encourage them to stroll through our historic centre,” she said.


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