AN ANCIENT building in Orihuela has now become part of their Municipal Heritage project, after it was purchased for €75,000.

The Embergoñes Tower (or Traitor’s Gate) is situated close to the river in the heart of Orihuela, known as the Rabaloche.

Foto Torre De Embergoñes

The city’s Councillor for Historical Heritage, Rafael Almagro, revealed the €75,147.41 cost of the plot, there since the Mardani era of Almohad (second half of the twelfth century and first half of the thirteenth). 

The tower has been mentioned in historical texts such as Torre del Cantón of Don Ramón.

It is believed to have been the tallest of towers on the ancient wall that once surrounded Orihuela, possibly some 15 metres high.

It was not only used for military purposes, but also as a watchtower to observe the river Segura for possible attacks.

An archaeological dig was carried out to ensure it was safe, as a water tank was once supported by the structure.

After yesterday’s purchase was formalised, Almagro said that he wanted to, “thank the owners for their good disposition to reach this agreement, as well as the members of the technical team of Historical Heritage and the rest of the areas that have motivated the milestone that yesterday reached.”

He went on to say, “from now on a new phase begins to reach the intended goal, with the intention to continue with the archaeological excavation, the restoration of the tower and the adaptation of its environment.”

Much of Orihuela’s ancient history has been uncovered recently, with utility trenches revealing remains of walls etc.

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