AN OFF-DUTY policeman has been hailed a hero after saving an elderly woman from drowning whilst on holiday in the Valencia Community.

The brave Policia Nacional officer had been sunbathing on Mareny Blau beach in Sueca when he noticed a body floating in the water and just a few metres away, a man screaming for help.

As reported by the region’s Higher Police Headquarters, without hesitation, the officer jumped into the sea and swam to the 77-year-old unconscious woman, taking her back to the shore.

Here, he gave CPR for almost eight minutes until she was brought back from the brink of life expelling a large amount of seawater from her mouth.

The policeman then continued the critical manoeuvre for another seven minutes until paramedics arrived.

It is understood that she remains in hospital under observation.

It comes after campaigners called for officials to regularise the immigration status of a Senegalese man who saved a pensioner who fell into a river in Bilbao. 

Mouhammad Diouf, 43, was one of three migrants who jumped into the Nervion River to save the 72-year-old man who lost consciousness.

Almost 50,000 people have already signed the online petition which asks that the undocumented hero is legal papers for his act of bravery. 


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