A RESTAURANT in Mallorca which prides itself on using local, seasonal and organic produce has set its sights on the title of ‘most sustainable business’ on the island.

The Olive Tree Restaurant Group in Palmanova, Calvià, Mallorca organised a sustainability and environmental event on Friday, October 1 partnering with Greeny+ and Superfood garden for the evening.

The event was hosted at their rooftop cocktail bar, Origin Palmanova.

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Event at Origin Palmanova – The Olive Tree

Restaurant owner James Wood, also known as ‘Woody’, said that it was ‘amazing’ and they received ‘great feedback’.

Invitees enjoyed live musicians that played throughout the evening and tours of the superfood Garden, Greeny+ aeroponic towers and microgreen grow rooms.

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Microgreen grow room – The Olive Tree

The restaurant, which opened in 2017, prides itself on its use of local, seasonal and organic produce believing they have a ‘responsibility to keep guests happy and healthy’.

Sustainability is also important to them due to concerns about ‘ the long term effect on the planet, animals, environment and ourselves’. They are now aiming to become the ‘most sustainable business group in Mallorca’.

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Guest at event – The Olive Tree

To achieve this goal they are going to be growing their own food in ‘state of the art’ aeroponic towers in conjunction with their own farm. The Olive Tree is also launching an initiative called SOIL WORKS where they will be composting all of their organic waste matter to help offset their carbon footprint.

Aeroponic towers are becoming increasingly popular as they use nearly 95% less water than soil based growing methods, reduce needs for pesticides and take up less space. Uli Schwartau, the creator of Greeny+ has invented a unique design that is created using 3D printing methods from biodegradable materials with each tower equivalent to 60 square meters of land.

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Greeny+ aeroponic towers – The Olive Tree

The restaurant’s ethos of ‘we are what we eat’ has led them to work with local producers, large and small who ‘care about their craft’ but Woody also says that they ‘would like to reach out to local initiatives that have a similar ethos to drive towards a more sustainable future’.

And the Olive Tree isn’t the first restaurant to adopt a sustainable angle in Spain, many others such as the Azurmendi Restaurant in Larrabetzu hold a similar ethos. Showing that there is hope for this trend to continue and be adopted across the industry.

Visit their instagrams to find out more @the_olive_tree_mallorca_ and @origin.palmanova

Or their websites https://www.theolivetreemallorca.com/ and http://www.originpalmanova.com

Visit https://greenyplus.com/ to find out more about aeroponic towers.


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