BUILDING of the new CaixaForum has passed the halfway mark within Valencia’s City of Arts and the Sciences complex.

55% of the project has been completed with early July 2022 pencilled in for the forum’s opening.

On a site visit, La Caixa Foundation deputy general director, Elisa Duran, said that it would be ‘the most spectacular and special’ of the nine CaixaForums in Spain.

CaixaForum is a network of museums, galleries, and exhibition centres sponsored by the not-for-profit La Caixa bank.

Caixaforum 2

The 8.200 square metre area in Valencia will be used as a cultural centre to host all kinds of art exhibitions, in addition to music and poetry festivals, conferences, and workshops.

The space will have two exhibition rooms covering 1,000 and 500 square metres.

There will also be a cafeteria, a bookstore and additional rooms for various activities.

A family area known as ‘The Cloud’ is being created that goes over the top of the structure.

Architect, Enric Ruiz-Geli said: “The forum is being constructed with climate change and sustainability in mind by using materials like cork, wood, fibreglass, and cardboard.”

The ‘building within a building’ was described by Ruiz-Geli as a ‘place where there are no limits between building and artistic intervention’.

Image Credit: CaixaForum

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