THIS Christmas you may have to stick to the beer and wine.

International transportation ‘issues’ could lead to a shortage of whisky, gin, vodka and rum on the Spanish costas, industry bosses have warned.

Already many bars, restaurants and nightclubs in some parts of Spain have had difficulties getting their usual supplies. And Spanish distillers are facing the same problem in reverse. They export 40% of their production and are finding it difficult to deliver their stock abroad, despite being willing to pay higher transport costs.

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Bosco Torremocha, the executive director of the Spanish Spirits Association, (FEBE) said: “We do not expect to recover the sales levels of 2019 until the end of next year or beginning of 2023.”

He cited a rise in maritime freight costs, logjams at customs – partly due to Brexit – and higher costs for glass, cardboard and energy as factors that could badly affect Spain’s 3,800 distillers.

Torremocha added: “The issue is not only an increase in costs, but also the fact that even if you pay, you are not sure when you are going to have stock delivered.”

Fortunately for beer and wine drinkers, the same issues do not seem to be affecting that sector as much, with many breweries running their own transportation systems within Spain.


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