A BOUNCER has been sentenced to nine years in prison for leaving a client in a vegetative state during a nightclub brawl. 

The injuries occurred on July 20,2014 when a fight broke out between patrons at a club in Alcossebre, a seaside town of 6,000 residents, located in Castellon. 

The convicted man, alongside two other bouncers, were breaking up a fight when the victim punched the defendant, who responded by dragging the victim, along with his two colleagues, to the club’s exit.

Alcossebre Wikicommons
PHOTO: Alcossebre, Castellon (Wikicommons)

However as they were ejecting the victim, the defendant punched the man, without saying a word, it was a surprise and savage blow which knocked him to the floor and left him seriously injured. 

The judge said in court: “As a consequence of this aggressive act, the victim suffered injuries and was left in a permanent vegetative state, he also suffered aesthetic damage as a consequence of the attack”. 

In addition to nine-years in prison, the former bouncer has also been ordered to pay €560,000 compensation after losing a civil suit for damages.   


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