REPSOL is to spend €42.5 million installing 610 electric recharging points at its service stations in Spain and Portugal.

The project is part of the multi-energy company’s goal of reaching 1,000 public re-charging points by the end of 2022.

The current recharging network consists of over 350 points.

The aim is get a point set up every 50 kilometers along the main road corridors of the Iberian Peninsula.

Repsol says that the move is a step forward towards it becoming carbon neutral by 2050. 

The 610 electric recharging points (18 ultra-fast and 592 fast) will be located at 577 Repsol service stations in Spain and 33 in Portugal, along the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors.

The installed capacity of the fast and ultra-fast recharging points will be 50 kW and 180 kW, respectively.

All of Repsol’s electric recharging points are guaranteed to provide 100% renewable energy. 

In a statement, Repsol claimed to be ‘the leader in fast charging at service stations in the Iberian Peninsula’.

Image Credit: Cordon Press

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