A BRITISH expat in Spain has found himself in a pickle after phone calls to a greengrocer started to get rerouted to his home phone.

Charlie Bamber in Rincon de la Victoria (Malaga) has been getting up to 15 calls a month from people trying to place orders at organic fruit and veg shop Bioshop El Cambio in Malaga  – and it is sending him bananas.

Despite his best efforts to stay as cool as a cucumber, he has found himself turning red as a beetroot with rage as the calls have kept on coming for the past four months.

Charlie Bamber 2 Crop
CHARLIE BAMBER: Feels a bit of a lemon

Talking to the Olive Press, he said: “Some of the people calling have been put through to me several times and they are very apologetic and embarrassed.”

He added: “I have emailed three times asking them to do something about their phone system.”

But the shop owner doesn’t seem to give a fig about the sales director’s predicament. Charlie said: “They just say ‘nothing can be done’.

“To be honest, I feel a bit of a lemon.”

He adds that he could really upset the apple cart if he wanted to. “I could be telling this shop’s customers anything I like – that they’ve shut down, been taken over by gangsters or that it is far too expensive and their rivals are half the price.

“Maybe I should be looking around for another grocer and come to some sort of agreement to nick El Cambio’s trade. Now that could be a plum deal!”


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