NEW technology is being used to track locations of emergency callers in the Valencian Community.

The Advanced Mobile Location(AML) system pinpoints a mobile phone location to between 15 and 20 metres.

The geolocation system will be especially useful for hikers and mountaineers who get into difficulty in remoter parts of the region or for people who simply cannot tell emergency services where they area.

Valencian Justice Minister, Gabriela Bravo and Spain’s Director General for Civil Protection, Leonardo Marcos, were given a demonstration of the AML system’s capabilities at the region’s Emergency Coordination Centre in L’Eliana.

AML already covers 65% of Spain’s population and besides implementing the system in the Valencian Community, regional technicians are training emergency technicians from across Spain in its use.

Gabriela Bravo said: “Our objective is prioritise new technology that means saving lives.”

Leonardo Marcos described the development as a ‘giant step’ in managing emergencies.

He added that response times of Civil Protection services in both urban and rural areas had been reduced.

It’s predicted that the AML system will be operational across the whole of Spain by the end of the year.

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