THREE people who ran an illegal cannabis club in Denia have been arrested for selling drugs at their city centre headquarters.

It’s the latest in a whole series of Policia Nacional raids on clubs around Denia in the last year.

Cannabis associations are legal in Spain so long as they have a registered list of adult members; provide a limited amount of drugs for immediate consumption; and make no profit.

The Policia Nacional grew suspicious about a Denia club which was officially registered as dedicated to the study of hemp and its derivatives.

Officers previously visited their premises and warned the officials(two Spaniards and a Frenchman) that they had no legal authorisation to operate as a cannabis association.

A subsequent surveillance operation logged a long list of people entering and quickly exiting the address.

It was clear that cannabis sales were taking place and the chairman, secretary, and treasurer of the club were all arrested.

Drugs and marijuana seeds were seized along with €370 in cash.

Documents revealed that the customers were not even club members, be it to promote hemp or enjoy cannabis.


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