SINCE the beginning of this week, Malaga city has been supplying water for human consumption to the Axarquia region.

The delicate situation of the La Viñuela reservoir, with 30.55 cubic hectometres—leading to an increase in the concentration of heavy metals in the water—has, in recent months, not only jeopardised crop irrigation, but also human consumption.

The transfer of resources aims to alleviate the state of ‘exceptional drought’ in the Axarquia region due to the low level of La Viñuela reservoir, currently at 18.18% of its capacity.

The Junta’s drought management committee has authorised the transfer of three cubic hectometres of water from Malaga city to the Axarquia through the connection pipe from the Limonero reservoir to the La Viñuela reservoir.

In the first quarter of next year, a similar amount will be transferred to the area from the River Chillar.

These six cubic hectometres will guarantee the Axarquia region water resources over the next few months, even in a scenario of low or no rainfall.

According to Gregorio Campos, vice-president of Axaragua, the public water and sanitation company of the Axarquia, the situation of the Viñuela Axarquia system that supplies the entire region is ‘worrying.’

“But we must send a message of calm because all the administrations are working to have the water resources needed by the 208,000 inhabitants of the Axarquia and the agricultural sector, which is a key driver in the economy and employment in our villages,” Campos said.


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