SPAIN has exceeded its initial vaccination target.

Some 79.4% of the adult population has been vaccinated with two doses, meaning more than 37.6 million people.

Also, 38.4 million people have had at least one dose – accounting for 81% of the population. 

More than 77 million doses from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen have been injected nationwide since the vaccination campaign began 10 months ago. 

Image: Pixabay

Despite this, the pace of vaccination has been slowing down for weeks and most of the doses currently being given are additional doses for at-risk groups. 

Data shows that 91.3% of the target population – over 12 years of age – have received at least one dose while 89.5% have received both. 

Asturias was the first autonomous community to reach the initial vaccination target in mid-August. 

Spain is approaching the figures achieved some time ago in the UK, which has given two doses to 81% of the population. Another 36.4% of the population in the UK has had a booster jab as well.


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  1. Over 80% vaccinated and yet our politicos ‘still’ insist that their compliant sheep wear masks, carry their papers (passports), carry a tape measure to keep 2 metres apart, take care where they sit and who they sit with in restaurants…. This is no longer about a (manmade) virus that has a 99% survival rate for most people; this is about government control – pure and simple. Our ‘leaders’ probably can’t believe how easy it has been to make their subjects comply. From ‘two weeks to stop the spread’ to ‘we need to ignore the Nuremburg code’. Don’t believe me? Ursula Van Der Leyen, the unelected head of the EU commission, wants mandatory vaccines across the EU in direct violation of the Nuremburg code which bans the forced use of experimental drugs… and the covid vaccines ‘are’ experimental… and anyone who has it in their body is part of that ‘mass’ experiment. Drugs and vaccines need years of controlled, small-scale testing before being released for general use. Don’t believe me? One word: Thalidomide.

    Location : Spain

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