TWO indigenous varieties of date have been discovered at the Palmeral de Orihuela and already described as “exceptional”.

Named ‘Oriol’ and ‘Bolica’, they were selected from samples taken from 35 palm trees throughout the Orihuela orchards to the north of the city.

Foto Rueda De Prensa Del Palmeral
PERFECT DATES: Orihuela officials with some of their palm and olive produce

Another seven types of date were considered “high quality”, according to Environment Councillor, Dámaso Aparicio.

He enthused, “We couldn’t be the second largest palm grove in Europe and not have a native date.”

Continuing, “It is intended that both new varieties will be the flagship of the Palm grove.”

Orihuela’s biologist, Gonzalo Escudero, explained, “many palm trees do not bear fruit and others are older so it’s not profitable to harvest them.”

Admitting, “We don’t know enough about the palm trees so the fact we have two exceptional varieties, we are pleasantly surprised.”

After obtaining this year’s olive oil harvest from the 120 trees present, another 120 were planted this year, with another 50 planned for 2022.


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