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Glittery make-up, lack of sleep and champagne corks – how Christmas can be harmful to your eyes

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DIARIES are full of festive celebrations through Christmas, New Year’s Eve and until the Three Kings, but did you know that this season of goodwill can play havoc with the health of your eyes?

Keen to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and keeps that twinkle sparkling in their eyes during the holidays, Specsavers Ópticas is sharing top tips to combat common eye health complaints that arise during the party season.

Keep hydrated

Consuming more alcohol than usual is common over the holidays, however this can play havoc with our bodies – and it’s not just the hangovers we have to show for it. 

Dehydration can cause symptoms of dry eye and it is thought that lack of sleep, which isn’t unusual with alcohol consumption, contributes to retention of fluid in eyelids, giving a puffy appearance.

Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical services director, says: ‘It’s important to be mindful about how much alcohol you are consuming. 

When you lose more fluid than you take in, your body becomes dehydrated.

Our eyes can become dry and irritated and we can even start to get slightly blurred vision because there are not enough tears to lubricate the eye.

The best way to try and combat dry eyes is by rehydrating through drinking plenty of water.

Glitter Makeup

Your optician can also recommend eye drops that can help too.’

Always remove eye makeup

It can be tempting to crash into bed after a night of celebrations. However not taking off your makeup properly can not only be bad for your skin, but it can also be harmful to your eyes.

Edmonds says: ‘Leaving your eye makeup on when you go to sleep – particularly eyeliner and mascara – will increase your chances of getting bacterial and oil build up around your eyes or even inflammation. 

Make sure you always gently remove beauty products to reduce the risk of infection and keep your eyes clean.’

It is also essential to remove your contact lenses properly before going to bed too.

‘You should never sleep in your contact lenses unless they have been specifically fitted for use at night by your optician,’ he continued. 

‘Although your bed may seem more appealing and it may be difficult to remember after a party, always ensure you take your lenses out with thoroughly washed and dried hands.’

Leave DIY beauty to the experts

While everyone wants to look their best at this time of year, it could cause some to be tempted to try out DIY beauty treatments at home.

Edmonds says: ‘Attempting DIY eye beauty treatments can be risky and it is highly likely you may cause some damage to your eyes. It is always best to leave it to the professionals who will be trained in what they are doing.

‘DIY lash lifts could be particularly dangerous as these tend to be closed eye-treatments. 

If trying to do this yourself while squinting in the mirror you risk getting lotions in the eye. 

As they are used to curl lashes, they are typically quite strong which could not only damage your lashes but also affect your eyesight.’

Sparkly Christmas makeup

There’s nothing better than getting glammed up at the holidays with glittery eye makeup. 

If you want to make a statement at your party but don’t want to damage your eyes, it’s important to avoid getting any products in the eyes.

Edmonds says: ‘Never sleep in false eyelashes as there is a danger that the glands in your eyelids may become blocked and cause an infection. 

Always remove them before going to bed and if makeup or glitter gets in your eyes, gently wash them out with some clean water until removed.’

Champagne cork eye safety

Now’s the time to celebrate, however popping a bottle of bubbly can result in the

cork flying up to 50mph which can have devastating consequences if it hits the eye.

Edmonds warns: ‘Always chill the bottle before opening as this can prevent extra pressure build up that can often send the cork shooting across the room. 

Never shake or point the bottle towards anyone and instead hold at a 45-degree angle

away from yourself and bystanders.

Although the effect is less dramatic, always place a cloth over the cork before gently twisting it out the bottle too.’

Specsavers Ópticas recommends everyone has a sight test once every two years.

To find out more or book your next appointment head to your nearest Specsavers Ópticas store or visit www.specsavers.es.

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