FOLLOWING a meeting by the regional government’s ‘Committee of Experts’ yesterday, Monday January 3, the Junta has not proposed any new coronavirus pandemic control restrictions.

Despite the record number of infections in the last few days (38,155 positives since 31 December and an accumulated incidence of 1,519.05 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days), the Junta has decided not to apply any additional restrictive measures because, although infections are at a maximum, the hospital pressure is ‘acceptable” and ‘well below’ the average for 2018 and 2019, years with a high incidence of influenza.

The committee of experts have, however, agreed to request the region’s top court, the TSJA, the extension until January 31 of the COVID-19 passports for access into nursing homes, hospitals, nightlife venues and interior spaces of hospitality establishments.

Additionally, the Junta has reinforced its commitment to face-to-face teaching in schools, a proposal that it will take forward to the national meeting of the Interterritorial Council, between the Ministry of Health and the autonomous regions later today, Tuesday January 4.

Finally, the Junta has also confirmed that the current health alert levels 1 and 2 are to be maintained in the different municipalities across the region, with Huelva, Almeria, Granada and Jaen currently in Alert Level 1 and Malaga, Cordoba and Sevilla in Alert Level 2.

Neither of these two alert levels entails coercive measures, beyond the request of the COVID-19 passports when accessing hospitals and nursing homes in the region and the hospitality sector.


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