A MAN faces prosecution after he was allegedly caught red-handed trying to steal from the Alhambra in Granada. 

An investigation was launched on September 25 after security guards accused the man of trying to take a small fragment of tile from the Patio de Comares. 

The suspect could now face jail time for nighthawking following a complaint filed by the body that manages the Nasrid monument.

Nighthawking is the theft of archaeological artifacts from protected archaeological sites and areas under the cover of darkness.

Police were called to the World Heritage Site and a man was arrested on suspicion of theft. 

A statement from the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage, published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Parliament (BOPA) confirmed that charges would be pressed. 

The statement also thanked staff at the Alhambra and Generalife who ‘intercepted the visitor immediately’ and the monument’s security service who ‘requested the presence of the National Police’. 


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