POLICE in Mallorca on Spain’s Balearic Islands tracked down a driver speeding at 120km/h in a 40 zone after the feat was brazenly posted on tiktok.

In the video uploaded to the popular social media site, the car is shown rocketing along Manacor’s Paseo Ferrocarril with the speedometer recording 120km/h. 

Manacor Town Hall’s official twitter page

The zone, which is one of the busiest avenues in Manacor, has a limit of 40.

The video appeared to set a challenge for other drivers, urging them to try out ‘the racetrack’ through Manacor. 

Police analysed the footage using a state of the art computer programme to prove the speed shown was authentic. They then identified the zone before tracing the social media user who posted the footage and arrested the driver.

Twitter page SocialDrive, which raise awareness about reckless driving or curious events

The driver faces a criminal charges for dangerous driving which carry a prison sentence as well as being banned from driving.

It is becoming common practice for the police to analyse social media posts to track down dangerous drivers. 


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