AN ILLEGAL drinking and drug-taking den in Orihuela Costa has been taken out of action by local police.

The city’s night service of Orihuela Costa Policia Local dismantles what they described as, “an important point of sale of marijuana, carried out on the premises with total impunity under the veil of a cannabis association.”

Local Orihuela Costa 2
IMAGE SOURCE: Orihuela Police

A routine search of the premises revealed some 42 people smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, all without masks.

Seized were 90 packages already prepared for sale, 19 joints already prepared for consumption and over half a kilo of marijuana ready for packaging.

Local Orihuela Costa 1
IMAGE SOURCE: Orihuela Police

Additionally, equipment used in the handling and packaging of marijuana was found.

This included a hashish press, an oil extractor, a vacuum packing machine and precision scales. 

That evening, the owner of that establishment was arrested immediately.

The smokehouse itself had already been dismantled in May 2020 by Orihuela night police, seizing almost 3 kilos of marijuana at the time.

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