Imagine the scene – you’re volunteering for a good cause, or you’re going through a rough time and you and your family are in dire need of some fresh produce. 

So you head to your local food bank and open the door… to find dozens of police officers standing there.

You panic you’re in trouble for something you don’t realise you’ve done, until you get handed fruit and veg. What?

Well, that’s nearly what happened yesterday in Malaga when police donated 19 tons of peppers and tomatoes to a local food bank after seizing the produce as part of a raid.

Malaga cops made the unexpected delivery to the food bank after they intercepted a trailer loaded with drugs stashed underneath the fruit and veg. 

Police officers seized shipments of drugs on Friday, January 28 and decided to do a good deed after arresting the gang members. 

A statement from the National Police read: Officers used their initiative to reverse the harmful effects of drug trafficking and instead take advantage of the fact the mafias used perishable food to mask their illicit activities. 

“To save the food from being spoiled, they put it towards a good cause.” 


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