A dozen Vietnamese pigs have been seized from an illegal breeding farm in Aguilas, Murcia.

Officers from the Guardia Civil’s environment division, Seprona, raided the premises after receiving a tip-off.

New laws from January 1 mean owning a Vietnamese pig is illegal, even as a pet, as it is now classified as an invasive species.

The pigs and four dogs were housed in an inappropriate enclosure which did not satisfy safety rules.

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'GUARDIA CIVIL M INTERIOR-'

The unsecure state of the area meant the Vietnamese pigs could easily escape into the wild.

They can cause major damage to other species as well as the habitat if they roam free.

The pig is also a threat to the wild boar as it can cross-breed with them and therefore reducing the genetic heritage of the native boar population.

Colonies of Vietnamese pigs have built up close to urban areas across Spain and caused havoc by roaming around streets.

The Guardia Civil discovered the Alguilas breeder did not have any documentation to allow him to keep and breed the pigs, which were not sterilised.


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