A YOUNG boy has been rushed to the hospital and is fighting for his life after being shot in the back of a car in Spain’s Granada. 

Officers said they had responded to a call of reports of a child suffering a gunshot wound after a fight broke out near the Poligono de Cartuja  area of the city on Monday (February 7)

Police said the child was occupying the back seat of a car when he was wounded by a bullet. 

The other occupants of the car then rushed him to the hospital but vanished once the teen was admitted. They appeared again later to receive news of the 16-year-old’s condition. 

The victim remains in intensive care awaiting surgery to remove the bullet which is lodged very close to the liver. 

The force has urged anyone who may have any information – from witnesses to people with dashcam footage – to come forward.

Cops said they have spoken to the two other occupants of the car. 

Two gangs were reportedly clashing in Poligono de Cartuja which led to one thug reaching for a gun and firing at the car before fleeing the scene. 

Police are now hunting for the shooter, who is believed to be a gang member from the north of the city. 


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