SPAIN is not short of billionaires.

The Forbes World’s Billionaires List in 2021 included 30 Spanish nationals – with Zara founder Amancio Ortega in 11th place with a whopping $77 billion net worth.

Ortega’s wealth also extends to his daughter, Sandra Ortega Mera, who is the second-richest Spaniard in the list with a $7.3 billion net worth.

Close behind the Galician-born Ortegas is Juan Roig, the Valencian founder of the Mercadona supermarket chain.

Challenging both these clans is Rafael del Pino, the Madrid-based founder of construction giant Ferrovial whose portfolio includes airports in Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton.

If there’s one thing that characterises Spain’s billionaires, it’s their strong links to the regions of their birth.

Spain has 17 autonomous communities and 50 provinces.

In this article, we’ll look at the richest people in each of these provinces (where data is available).

Alava, Basque Country - Victor Urrutia Vallejo. With a personal fortune of €660 million, Urrutia is president of the Compañía Vinícola del Norte (which owns the official Rioja wine appellation) and vice president of the Iberdrola electric utility company.
Albacete, Castilla–La Mancha - Fermin and Carlos Ayuso Medina. The Ayuso brothers have a fortune close to €140 million thanks to the wineries that bear their surname in the town of Villarobledo, in Albacete.
Alicante, Valencian Community - Vicente Garcia Torres. President and founder of Tempe, he heads the firm that makes footwear for all Inditex brands (Amancio Ortega's fashion empire) with which he shares 50% of its business. His fortune is estimated at €520 million.
Almeria, Andalucia - Francisco Martínez-Cosentino. A co-founder of Mármoles Consentino, which gave rise to Grupo Cosentino, now a global distributor of marble, quartz and other materials used in construction. His fortune is over €550 million.
Asturias - Fernando Masaveu Herrero. With more than €1 billion, the heir to the Masaveu Corporation (cement factories, car parks, warehouses, artistic collections) is the richest man in Asturias.
Avila, Castilla y Leon - (No data available)
Badajoz, Extremadura - Ricardo Leal. Thanks to the rise of fashion, this man from Extremadura enjoys a fortune of €315 million euros as the owner of Christian Lay (costume jewellery, renewable energies, chemical industry).
Balearic Islands - Juan and Carlos March. Descendants from a family of bankers with a long history in Spain. This father and son duo have held the position of presidents of Banca March, with an estimated collective fortune of €3.5 billion.
Barcelona, Catalunya - Sol Daurella. The president of Coca-Cola European Partners is one of the few women on the list, with a fortune of €6.43 billion.
Bizcaya, Basque Country - Jorge Sendagorta Gomendio. This businessman is president of the engineering and technology company Sener and president of the Circulo de Empresarios. His fortune is €920 million.
Burgos, Castilla y Leon - Jose Antolin. Although a native of Palencia, Antolin is at the top of the list because his company, Grupo Antolín, is located in Burgos. Grupo Antolin is Spain's largest manufacturer of components for car interiors, and Antolin himself has a fortune of  €870 million.
Caceres, Extremadura – (No data available)
Cadiz, Andalucia - Ramon, Silvia, Maria and Fernando Mora Figueroa. Winemakers, owners of Andalucia's second-largest estate, prime beef farmers, distributors of agricultural products throughout Europe and owners of shares in Coca-Cola Europe, with a joint fortune of €690 million.
Cantabria - Ana Botin. Possibly the most influential woman in Spain. She's the president of Banco Santander, with a fortune is valued at €2.13 billion.
Castellon, Valencian Community - María José Soriano and Silvestre Segarra. This businesswoman and her husband are owners of the well-known ceramic tile manufacturer Porcelanosa. Their fortune is estimated at €690 million.
Ciudad Real, Castilla–La Mancha - María del Mar and Miguel Ángel García-Baquero Vela. The well-known cheese firm Garcia Baquero has gifted its owners a fortune of €550 million.
Cordoba, Andalucia - (No data available)
A Coruña, Galicia - Amancio Ortega. The richest man in Spain and 11th richest in the world. Largest shareholder of Inditex and other companies, with a net worth of $77 billion.
Cuenca, Castilla–La Mancha - Emilio, Clemente and Jesús Loriente Piqueras. These brothers are owners of Incarlopsa, one of the most important companies in the pork and jamón industry in Spain. They have a net worth of €340 million.
Gerona, Catalunya - Josep, Blanca, Francisco Palau Mallol. This family runs the Soler & Palau (S&P) ventilation systems company, whose businesses have created a combined net worth of €415 million.
Grenada, Andalucia - (No data available)
Guadalajara, Castilla La–Mancha – (No data available)
Guipuzcoa, Basque Country - Daniel Maté Badenes. Mining has given this businessman a net worth of €1.4 billion euros, thanks to part ownership of Glencore.
Huelva, Andalucia - Manuel Jacinto, José Antonio, Francisco José, Jacinto Rodríguez. This family runs one of the most important meat companies in Spain, Dimarosa. They have a net worth of €130 million.
Huesca, Catalunya - Jose Maria Costa Casas. This businessman owns the Costa group, with a net worth of €195 million, thanks to the agri-food industry.
Jaen, Andalucia - (No data available)
Leon, Castilla y Leon - María José, Pablo, Elvira, Marta, Emilio and Juan Carlos Álvarez Mezquíriz. All these relatives run the Eulen group, specialised in multiple services. Collective net worth of €520 million.
Lerida, Catalunya - José Llorens Torra. Llorens' construction business focuses on building premises for the multinational Amazon. His net worth is valued at €1.19 billion euros.
Lugo, Galicia - Luis Fernandez Somoza. The founder of the Cartesón company, which later acquired Transportes Azkar. Net worth of €560 million.
Madrid - Rafael del Pino. President of the Ferrovial company specialised in infrastructure and transport. Net worth of €10 billion.
Malaga, Andalucia - Rafael Domínguez de Gor. A businessman who loves tennis and basketball, as president of the children's fashion store Mayoral his net worth is valued at €970 million.
Murcia - Tomas Olivo. Businessman and owner of General de Galerías Comerciales (they build shopping centres and malls) he is one of the richest in the entire country with a fortune of €2.9 billion.
Navarra - Javier Virto Moreno. Thanks to frozen goods, this businessman has a fortune of €205 million.
Orense, Galicia - Josefina, Jesús and Francisco Javier Domínguez. They are the managers of one of the best-known Spanish fashion firms, Bimba y Lola, with a net worth of €550 million.
Palencia, Castilla y Leon - María Teresa Rodríguez Sáinz-Rozas. This journalist is the honorary president of the famous Gullón Group, well known for its sugar-free cookies. Her fortune is estimated at around €250 million.
Las Palmas, Canary Islands - Eustasio A. López. The Canarian businessman in the hotel industry has managed to amass a net worth of €1.02 billion euros.
Pontevedra, Galicia - Victor José and Ceferino Nogueira. The Nogar group, in the transport sector, is run by these brothers whose fortune is €210 million.
La Rioja - Mario Losantos Ucha. This businessman is dedicated to the real estate sector, directing the company Allegra Holding, with a net worth estimated at close to €1 billion.
Salamanca, Castilla y Leon - Juan José Hidalgo Sidewalk. Owner of the tourism company Globalia, he has a fortune of €1.44 billion euros thanks to different companies such as Air Europa.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Wolfgang Kiessling. This German-born businessman – and only expat in the list – founded the famous Loro Parque zoo. 
Segovia, Castilla y Leon - Jesus Núñez Velázquez. President and promoter of the Alfonso X el Sabio University, he has a net worth of €1.21 billion euros.
Seville, Andalucia - Antonio Hernández Callejas. This businessman has a fortune valued at €895 million thanks to Ebro Foods.
Soria, Castilla y Leon - (No data available)
Tarragona, Catalunya - Jordi, Josep and Pilar Miarnau Montserrat. This family runs the construction company Comsa, with a joint net worth of €310 million.
Teruel, Aragon - Angel Luengo Martinez. This businessman runs the Samca real estate group, net worth valued at €1.5 billion.
Toledo, Castilla–la Mancha - Jesus Franco Munoz. President of a gambling-oriented family business, with links to wine and hunting estates, his fortune is around €130 million.
Valencia, Valencian Community - Juan Roig. Owner of one of the best-known supermarket chains in Spain, Mercadona, this businessman has a net worth of €9 billion.
Valladolid, Castilla y Leon - Jose Miguel Isidro Rincon. This businessman, owner of Ibervalles in the industrial machinery industry, has a fortune of more than €690 million.
Zamora, Castilla y Leon - Antonio Martin Castro. From the cheese industry and the famous Entrepinares company (Spain's largest cheese manufacturer) this businessman has a fortune of €210 million.
Zaragoza, Aragon - Angel Ramón Alejandro Balet. Entrepreneur dedicated to the recycling industry, such as paper and cardboard, has the 20th largest fortune in Spain at €2 billion.

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