The Policia Nacional have arrested hashish smugglers who sailed from Morocco and lied about their boat being attacked by orca whales.

Two people have been detained in El Puerto de Santa Maria in Cadiz Province .

172 kilos of hashish was seized along with €63,000 in a safe.

In June 2021, a yacht used by the smugglers docked in Barbate after allegedly suffering an attack by orcas while crossing the Straits of Gibraltar.

It was given official assistance to be towed to Barbate.

The Policia Nacional said the boat owner tried to distract officers about what was really going on by fabricating the attack.

Spain issued a temporary order to small boats in 2021 to avoid part of the southern coast after a series of incidents with orcas, where craft had to be towed to shore.

Once in Barbate, the men transferred the hashish in ‘small quantities’ to a storage room in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

The plan was for it to be distributed via boats across Europe.


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