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EXCLUSIVE: Police bring down ‘cocaine queen’s’ 25-year smuggling ring in Spain

By Jon Clarke and Anthony Piovesan She was the Rolls Royce of cocaine smuggling since the 1990s and looked every inch the part in her...

Guardia Civil agents injured while catching hash smugglers in Gibraltar Campo city

TWO Guardia Civil officers were seriously injured while chasing a van loaded with hashish that was trying to escape from Getares beach in Algeciras. Police...

WATCH: Police smash huge smuggling ring that sent weed to Germany on trucks and camper vans

EUROPOL agents have arrested 44 and seized over €4 million in cash after the stakeout of a powerful weed and hash Costa del Sol...

Man tries to smuggle in big cocaine stash in suitcase at Spain’s Valencia Airport

A Peruvian man has been arrested at Valencia Airport for drug trafficking after a suitcase search revealed he was trying to smuggle in almost...

Human trafficking gang planned fleet of charter boats for dangerous sea trips to Spain’s Murcia coast

FIVE members of a people trafficking and drug smuggling gang looking to expand in the Murcia region have been arrested by the Policia Nacional. Four...

High Waters: Spanish police seize underwater drug smuggling drones

SPANISH police have impounded three underwater drones built specifically to smuggle narcotics from Morocco via the Strait of Gibraltar. The inventive method made use of...

Narcoboat and money laundering gang broken up in Costa Blanca and Almeria areas of Spain

A drug smuggling gang used high-speed boats to ship narcotics from North Africa to Spanish beaches and marinas before resorting to money laundering to...

Lettuce lorry carrying marijuana worth €3.7 million pulled over in Spain’s Bilbao before boarding Ireland-bound ferry

OVER half a ton of marijuana has been seized from a lorry officially taking lettuce to Ireland. The truck had travelled from southern Spain to...

Drug smugglers in Spain’s Andalucia lie about orca attack to cover up hashish shipment from Morocco

The Policia Nacional have arrested hashish smugglers who sailed from Morocco and lied about their boat being attacked by orca whales. Two people have been...

Big cocaine stash discovered hidden in rice shipment to port of Valencia in Spain

A container of rice shipped in to Valencia from South America had 626 kilos of cocaine hidden within it. The Guardia Civil and the Tax...

British drugs smuggler Brian Charrington starts ‘narco’ yacht retrial in Costa Blanca area of Spain

THE retrial of British drug trafficker, Brian Charrington, started in Alicante on Monday(October 18). His original 2018 trial and conviction was quashed by the Supreme...

Drug smugglers caught loading four tonnes of hashish from Mar Menor fishing boat onto a lorry in Spain

CUSTOMS officers pounced in San Pedro del Pinatar as a fishing boat cargo of 4.3 tonnes of hashish was being unloaded. A refrigerated lorry pulled...

Tiny inflatable boat crammed with tons of drugs nearly sinks in Murcia waters of Spain

AN inflatable boat could barely stay afloat off the Murcia coast as it struggled to carry its clandestine cargo of over two tons of...

Crack down: 450kg of cocaine intercepted in Spain en route from Canaries to Valencia

THREE people have been arrested for attempting to smuggle 450kg of cocaine into Spain from Brazil. A container, which is believed to have been en...

British drug dealers on the Costa Blanca in Spain are jailed for sending cocaine parcel to Australia

THREE British men have been jailed after a parcel of drugs destined for Australia was intercepted at Alicante-Elche airport. X-ray scanners detected 855 grams of...

Combined police operation sees gang of 65 Chinese drug smugglers arrested across Spain

ONE OF the largest Chinese drug trafficking gangs has been taken down by a combined police operation over three countries. A total of 65 people...

Autopsy reveals Marbella shooting victim had more than 20 bullet wounds from AK-47

The killer, believed to be hired by a criminal gang, dumped the weapon in a bin, before speeding away from police on a motorbike

Authorities break up one of Spain’s ‘biggest’ hashish drug smuggling rings

It is estimated the La Linea criminal organisation brought more than 10,000 kilograms of hashish from Morocco to Spain

Boat which killed nine-year-old boy in Andalucia was linked to drug-trafficking operations

Allegedly sources close to the investigation revealed both the victims and the arrested had drug-trafficking links

AWOL Stephen Lawrence ‘killer’ wanted for drug smuggling may be hiding in Spain

Acourt is suspected of having a hand in a £4million cannabis smuggling ring

Gibraltar government slam ‘defamatory’ ABC front cover

The government is taking legal action against the Spanish national

Spanish Dakar rally lorry stopped with 1.4 ton drug haul

Epsilon team director, David Oliveras, detained with four team members over drug-smuggling

Spanish police track down vet wanted for heroin smuggling

Colombian vet has been on the run for eight years

Thieves steal helicopter to use for drug trafficking

Police swoop on helicopter thieves in Sevilla

Pay back for drug smuggler

Robert Dalrymple helped to run a drugs smuggling ring between Spain and UK and has been ordered to pay back nearly €60,000

Cocaine hidden in woman’s breast implants

Cocaine discovered in woman's breast implants on her arrival in Spain




Three youngsters in Spain found guilty of the biggest ever fraud against Amazon in Europe

THREE 22-year-olds from Mallorca have been convicted for what has been described as the biggest fraud against online retailer Amazon ever seen in Europe.  The...


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