TWO robbers have been accused of fleecing around €100,000 in a spate of heists involving breaking in through the roofs of buildings in Malaga. 

The arrests come after the National Police in Malaga launched an investigation last December into a series of rooftop robberies across the city.

Money and high-value items were stolen in 11 robberies carried out by the pair across industrial warehouses in Guadalhorce and La Huertecilla, police said.

The duo allegedly broke into the buildings by making holes in the roofs before lowering themselves into the offices using a rope.  

On other occasions, they scaled fences or streetlamps to enter through gaps in the roof. 

Once inside they then disabled the alarm systems inside the building. 

Police arrested the men as part of the Romo operation after uncovering forensic evidence that connected them to the spate of break ins.  

The men are due to appear in court this week. 


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