A serial criminal has been arrested at Alicante bus station following a serious hit-and-run incident in Sevilla.

The driver, 28, knocked over a moped rider who required emergency surgery.

A Sevilla taxi driver witnessed the collision.

He gave chase to the man who was behind the wheel of a vehicle stolen from a Madrid rental company.

The cab’s internal camera recorded the pursuit which allowed police access to all the details of stolen car.

The vehicle was eventually located in the area and the driver identified as belonging to a criminal gang and the owner of several fake identities.

He was the subject of over 30 police warrants for thefts committed across Spain.

Tracking him down proved to be very difficult for the Policia Nacional as he took precautions to stay under the radar.

He abandoned his home in Toldeo in central Spain to end up hiding in Torrevieja in Alicante Province.

Officers intercepted him at Alicante bus station as he was set to board a coach for Madrid.

His extensive previous list of offences was boosted by new charges of causing injury; car theft; infringing road safety; and failing to assist an accident victim.


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