SPAIN’S Defence Minister outlined the military hardware that will be sent to the Ukraine resistance to help fight against the Russian invasion.

Margarita Robles said on Wednesday evening that a shipment would be sent within hours.

“In this first shipment that will go aboard two planes, we expect to send 1,370 anti-tank grenade launchers, 700,000 rifle and machine-gun rounds, and light machine guns,” she said in an interview with Antena3 television.

Earlier in the day Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had announced a U-turn in Spanish policy and confirmed that ‘offensive military hardware’ would be sent to help Ukraine after all.

“It is very important because (the equipment) allows for a very individualized defense that can be used even by people who do not have much experience using weapons,” explained Robles.

The weapons will be flown to Poland by Spanish airforce planes and then collected by Ukrainian forces to transfer it over the border.


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