THE Junta has announced it will make Andalucian educational centres available for refugee children from Ukraine.

The measure was announced earlier this week by the Andalucian Regional Minister of Education, Javier Imbroda, who stressed that ‘for humanitarian reasons’ the Andalucian educational centres ‘will be prepared to receive all the Ukrainian children who come to the community, guaranteeing immediate schooling.’

Spokesperson for the Junta, Elias Bendodo, also highlighted Andalucia’s disposition to receive Ukrainian refugees, pointing out that the ‘community is as large as 17 countries in the European Union and has the capacity to receive them.’

Additionally, Bendodo, has expressed his solidarity with the 17,000 Ukrainians living in the region and, at the same time, asked ‘not to criminalise’ the Russian community living in Andalucia.

According to the data offered by Bendodo, there are 14,000 Russians living in Andalucia, representing 20% of the Russian community in Spain.

“We ask not to fault the citizens of Russia with the actions of the Russian government,” he said.

According to the spokesperson for the Junta, Andalucia has also set aside 100 hospital beds and eight places in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Doctor Oloriz Hospital in Granada for a hypothetical reception of citizens wounded in the Ukrainian war.

“Andalucia is a land of solidarity and in difficult times has always proved to be up to the task,” he added.


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