TWO men have been arrested in Benalmadena accused of robbing tourists in a spate of ‘bird poo’ attacks. 

The suspects, aged 54 and 60, were cuffed on Thursday in connection with six crimes of theft and five instances of fraud.

The pair are alleged to have stolen bank cards and money after telling unsuspecting victims they had bird poop on their clothes before wiping them down.

Police said the men would target elderly people and tourists, approaching them from behind before tossing an unknown type of liquid on the back of their clothing.

Appearing concerned, the suspects then approached each victim separately and told them they had bird poop on their clothing and would help clean them up, police said.

During the “exaggerated” wipe down, officials said, the suspects removed wallets and other valuables from their victims.

The suspects are accused of then using contactless payments to access funds from the stolen credit cards. 

Between them, the pair had 175 previous charges relating to them and fraud. 


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