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Meet the female crypto artist from Spain taking on the big boys

Gala Web 4 Land
Photo: Gala Mirissa

NFT ART typifies the modern age. It is techy, in high demand, and confusing to a large proportion of the population. 

Bought via cryptocurrency, the art is rendered using blockchain, which creates a unique stamp of the artwork, making each piece completely unique. 

In a short space of time digital art has generated considerable public attention, with the artwork ‘Merge’ by crypto-artist Pak being fetching a world-record $91.8 million at auction in 2021.

Gala Mirissa is one artist who has been riding the crest of the NFT wave.

Her art features in forthcoming Hollywood film ‘Fresh Kills’ directed by actress Jennifer Esposito and she was named by BeInCrypto on International Women’s Day 2021 as one of the three most influential hispanic women in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Gala 2
Gala Mirissa is one of the most in demand NFT artists in the world.
Photo: Gala Mirissa

She also recently designed a world first NFT cover for ELLE magazine.

The underworld of cryptocurrency and NFTs is male-dominated and has given rise to a dubious stereotype: the bitcoin-bro.

It is thought around 95% of the world’s 13 million cryptocurrency accounts are held by men.

Speaking exclusively to the Olive Press, Marissa says: “It wasn’t difficult to start making NFT art, but I found it much harder to get recognition as a woman. My social media following was increasing rapidly, but I wasn’t given the same opportunities and projects that I wanted to be a part of always ended up in male hands. In addition, most collectors are men who buy from men, and if they do make an offer to a woman it will be much cheaper.”

Gala Web 2
‘Fragile body pierced by pins’ by Gala Mirissa
Photo: Gala Mirissa

Gala’s global success was not recognised in her native Spain until recently: “In Spain there has been no major NFT project and this new trend is not appreciated as much. I have been more appreciated in America than in my own country.”

She says she has encountered sexism since she has focussed on NFT art:

“I think that when a man does something related to new technologies it is considered a profession, but when a woman does it it seems to be more like a hobby, something she does simply because she likes it and wants to try it. But actually, lots of women are into cryptoart and new technologies.”

Gala Web
‘I sin, but I am not the devil’ – Gala Mirissa’s artwork of Marilyn Monroe
Photo: Gala Mirissa

Aside from her Hollywood featuring and Elle cover, she says the highlights of her career so far have been speaking on Catalan radio to talk about art on Women’s Day and shooting a documentary about the Metaverse, which comes out in April.

Gala Web 3
‘The secret of the sand’ by Gala Mirissa.
Photo: Gala Mirissa

She hopes her success will inspire other women: “Many women who are starting out making NFT art write to me and ask me for a lot of advice, which I am happy to give. I hope my success can start to make the industry more female friendly” 

Gala’s art will be featured alongside other crypto artists at the Crypto Art Island exhibition at Xapo Bank, Gibraltar from 29 March – May 4.


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