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Spain announces crackdown on cryptocurrency adverts that ignore investor risks

SPAIN is clamping down on the advertising of unregulated cryptocurrency investments. Concerns about investors being ripped-off by bogus claims have prompted a new rule that...

Luxury cars seized as major European cryptocurrency fraudster is arrested in Valencia area of Spain

A man branded as one of Europe's leading cryptocurrency scammers has been arrested in Valencia City and assets worth €2.5 million seized. The Portuguese man,...

Costa Blanca-based ‘smishing’ con fleeces €600,000 out of unsuspecting bank customers in Spain

A nationwide con saw 106 bank customers robbed of €600,000 from their accounts after they unknowingly provided access to their 'log-in' and personal details. Operation...

‘Phishing’ and ‘Smishing’ gang arrested for mass internet banking scam based in Costa Blanca area of Spain

A Costa Blanca gang led by four brothers have been arrested by the Guardia Civil over an internet scam that netted cash from 163...

Cryptocurrency scammer who lived luxury lifestyle on Spain’s Costa del Sol arrested in Latvia

A SCAMMER, who lived a life of luxury on the Costa del Sol while allegedly fleecing his victims of at least €500,000, has been...

‘Tens of millions’ of bitcoin stolen from US entrepreneur at his Madrid home in Spain

AN American digital entrepreneur says he was robbed of 'tens of millons' of bitcoin after thieves broke into his Madrid home. The Policia Nacional is...

Cryptocrooks: Spanish police bust tax haven Bitcoin fraudsters

A RECENT huge rise in the value of cryptocurrencies has seen a parallel rise in scammers. Spanish police have moved in on a ring of...

Quartet of crypto currency con artists caught on Costa Blanca after €7m scam

ALLEGED FRAUDSTERS in Alicante have been arrested for their part in a SEVEN MILLION euro crypto currency scam. Policia Nacional detained the four, two men...

One of the biggest dark web drug dealers arrested in Costa del Sol’s Mijas

When the individual was arrested, the police found two kilograms of hashish, two laptops, and a phone.

Europol help police in Spain dismantle cryptocurrency money laundering ring

It comes as bitcoin worth €37 million was stolen by hackers from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges

Seven arrested on Costa del Sol and in Barcelona as police bust drug gang who sold cannabis using cryptocurrencies

Police also seized €2,000 in cash and €115,000 in computer equipment used for managing cryptocurrencies

Using Cryptocurrency as a Major Mode of Payment

Cryptocurrency has gone from an obscure topic of conversation among computer specialists to a major feature of contemporary public life. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have promised that...

A Beginner’s Guide To Ethereum

Bitcoin has been dominating the news as of late and understandably so. With its fluctuating price and unwavering popularity as a talking point, Bitcoin...

Cryptocurrency vs. Real Money

In the current financial world, one of the most used words is cryptocurrency. When you open any financial or economic news outlet, the first news that will greet you will be something about the cryptocurrencies.





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