THE Policia Nacional have arrested a hospital worker for masterminding a Covid-19 vaccination certificate fraud.

The Prensa Iberica newspaper group has discovered that the man worked as a nursing assistant at the La Paz General Hospital in Madrid.

He’s accused of making over €200,000 for accessing the National Vaccination database to get hundreds of people registered for receiving Covid-19 vaccines despite not getting them because of their ‘anti-vax’ stance.

Prensa Iberica says police also arrested a La Paz nurse and two other people who acted as contacts for ‘customers’ who paid to get a record of immunisation against the coronavirus.

Two health companies suffered the theft of computer and database passwords.

The nursing assistant invested a significant amount of money obtained by the fraud into cryptocurrencies.

Police accessed several security videos showing the man accessing computers to add names to the vaccination database.

Customers were charged two rates, either €1,000 or €250, depending on their status and income.

The high end list included an airline pilot, a businessman and show business figures, who were opposed to Covid-10 vaccinations, but needed a certificate to continue travelling and working.

The lower tariff featured criminals including drug dealers and shop robbers.


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