FANS of Pokemon are convinced that the release of two new games will be set in a virtual world based on Spain. 

Trailers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released by Nintendo last week, revealing the games new map which many fans said looked remarkably similar to the topographical outline of Spain.

The colour scheme chosen for the games, Scarlet and Violet also recalls the Spanish Republican flag, whilst some of the architecture featured looked to many like a homage to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Pokemon
Photo: Nintendo press release.

Each of the Pokémon games’ setting is normally inspired by real life countries or regions.

The first four games were based on regions across Japan, followed by Pokemon Black and White were widely believed to have been based on the US.

A further clue was given thanks to the release of a new pokemon in the game – Fuecoco – the word is an alleged mish-mash of ‘fire’ and ‘crocodile’ in Spanish.

Many Spaniards on social media also detected ‘cayetanos’ characters, the word is a humorous insult used to refer to a posh person in Spain who is associated with conservative Spanish culture. 

There were also parallels between the house featured in the trailer and traditional andalucian country houses.

Pokemon Andalucian House Nintendo Press Release
Photo: Nintendo press release.

Finally, another pokemon called Sprigatito, uses the Spanish ‘ito’ suffix, presumably meaning this pokemon will be small and cute.

Fuecoco 2
The newest Pokemon: Fuecoco.
Photo: Nintendo press release.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will launch on Nintendo Switch in late 2022.


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