HUNDREDS of women gathered in front of cathedrals in Andalucia on Sunday to protest the church’s treatment of women ahead of International Women’s Day.  

Women of all ages united outside cathedrals in Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada to demand equality from their religious leaders and community. 

The action, held to mark International Women’s Day on Tuesday, is intended to highlight sexual discrimination that still exists in religious institutions across Spain. 

On Monday, organisers from the group Revolt of Women in the Church said that hundreds of people had participated in marches across major Spanish cities over the weekend, describing the action as a chance for women to ‘reclaim their voice’ in the church. 

Under the slogan ‘end discrimination in the Church for reasons of sex or gender’, ‘enough’ and ‘invisible and silenced’, protesters congregated in Andalucian cities and beyond, including Granada, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Bilbao and Santander. 

The messages scrawled on placards read: “We want a Church community of equals, where women have a voice and a vote.”

The event drew huge crowds onto streets and squares outside cathedrals across the country to call for change and equality.

Coordinated by an umbrella group, Revolt of Women in the Church, the protests called for an end to Spain’s enduring machista culture within the church. 


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