A Valencia man, 74, threatened to hang his wife after she refused to let him have the keys to their car.

The couple have reportedly lived together for over 50 years.

Neighbours called emergency services on Sunday afternoon after seeing the man in a very aggressive state in the Exposicio area of Valencia City.

His wife, 73, had been locked out on the balcony.

The Policia Nacional have arrested the husband for ill-treatment of a family member.

The commotion started over his partner refusing him access to their car keys.

He grabbed some ropes used to hoist a clothesline and threatened to hang her.

She rushed out onto the balcony and grabbed a gardening pitchfork which she planned to use to defend herself.

The irate husband slammed the balcony door shut and locked it.

The man confessed to what he did and the matter is being handled by the Valencian courts.


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