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There are many things that make you feel great, but when it comes to living the dream in Spain you need an insurer that brings you peace of mind for the unexpected.

LIBERTY SEGUROS, the expat’s preferred insurer in Spain, offers peace of mind with its wide range of products that care for both your family and your assets, whilst providing all the necessary tools to keep you feeling safe and secure.

What’s more, LIBERTY SEGUROS looks to always make things that bit better with fantastic offers for both existing and new customers, helping them to ensure they can live their very best lives.

From now up until 25th April 2022, existing clients who take out a new Car, Home or Life policy with LIBERTY SEGUROS will receive €60 Cashback with each new Life, Home or Car policy that they take out.

New clients can make great savings too, with €30 Cashback on their first Life, Home or Car policies, and €60 Cashback on subsequent new policies thereafter. Plus, these policies come with even more benefits than ever before!

There are many advantages of relying on a reputable insurer such as LIBERTY SEGUROS. You can get a courtesy car – even for vehicle breakdown – as standard, or €35 per day to cover taxi and travel expenses with LIBERTY SEGUROS Car Policies.

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LIBERTY SEGUROS: A helping hand

With Home Policies, LIBERTY SEGUROS offers optional pest control services and legal defence for illegal occupation, amongst many other benefits.

This is of particularly importance if your home in Spain is a second home and you’re concerned about being an ideal target for squatters, because LIBERTY SEGUROS is the only insurer that offers you complete legal defence, offering up to 6.100€ to cover legal costs for eviction proceedings.

When it comes to Life policies, with LIBERTY SEGUROS the upper age limit for death cover has been extended to 70 years of age, whilst the upper age limit for renewals has been extended to 80 years of age. What’s more, Life cover with Liberty Seguros now boasts a wide range of additional new extra options too.

For example, you can take out extended cover for repatriation to ANY country; and, if you have children under the age of 18, beneficiaries can receive double the insured capital in the event of death of both spouses in the same accident. Furthermore, this is without having to take out an additional policy either.

LIBERTY SEGUROS really does have you covered and always has your real needs in mind! This includes a 24/7 freephone number for both roadside assistance and emergency home assistance with English-speaking operators.

For more information on Car, Home or Life policies and to find out about all the great benefits of taking out insurance with LIBERTY SEGUROS, simply call or visit one of the more than 300 qualified expatriate brokers and agents.

They are available to provide friendly and expert advice, in your language, about the best covers and options to suit your specific needs whilst in Spain.

To find the location of your nearest broker/agent, simply visit or call 91 342 25 49.

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