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OxygenSpa: The place to breathe in health and vitality in San Pedro on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Oxigenspa Sunset

Driving past the OxygenSpa, you cannot help but be intrigued by the silver, futuristic-style metal tube that looks like it could have dropped down from outer space!

On closer inspection, the unusual structure reveals itself to be indeed linked to the future- the future of all round improved physical and mental health and vitality for those who regularly use the OxygenSpa, found inside.

Oxygen is vital for life, and the quality of the air we breathe around us and in our local environment, has a profound and lasting impact on our general health and well-being, with air-pollution being a problem in many cities and urban areas globally.

The typical air which we breathe everyday contains 21% oxygen.

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The atmosphere inside OxygenSpa

A session in the increased atmospheric pressure of the OxygenSpa gives your body a doubled oxygen content of 40% as well as a unique composition of hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases which promote optimal results from oxygen therapy sessions.

Oxygen therapy supports and aids the treatment of a wide range of diseases and debilitating conditions including chronic pain and coughing, long Covid, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, as well as cardiac and endocrine illnesses.

Hydrogen is well known as a strong antioxidant, promoting the activation and optimal functioning of the body’s repair and regeneration mechanisms.

Therefore, it makes it an excellent additional, complementary therapy for clients recovering from cancer and the effects of chemotherapy, as well as promoting accelerated healing for clients with post- operative wounds and other types of wounds and burns.

Athletes and clients who like to train intensively also benefit from oxygen therapy, as it aids and boosts pre/ post- training preparation and recovery, remarkably, according to research and testimonials from sports people. It is also hailed as an effective treatment in delaying the signs of aging, and so acts as an excellent boost to beauty treatments and procedures

OxygenSpa is a unique device, and the first of its kind in Spain. There is lots of research on oxygen therapy as well as hydrogen and its beneficial effects are backed up by proven research conducted by teams of scientists worldwide.

Oxigenspa Sunset
Breathe in health and vitality in San Pedro!

However, an OxygenSpa as a device and completely new technology is just starting to conquer the world.

“I visited the spa twice after having a dry cough for over 6 weeks and taking 2 courses of antibiotics, and after 2 sessions it’s almost gone. Would recommend this!” Mia, Marbella.

“My 13-year-old son has had type 1 diabetes for two years. We were looking to find something to improve his condition. We decided to try the OxygenSpa, did some test sessions and we noticed that during the session, his blood- sugar level dropped to normal and remained the same until the next day. We decided to do a full course and his blood-sugar levels have now stabilized. There are no strong surges anymore, and his general health is good. We really like the effect of OxygenSpa, we will definitely take our son for more sessions. Thanks!” Natalia, San Pedro.

Try out OxygenSpa in San Pedro, today, and experience the benefits for yourself. Enjoy better quality sleep, a boosted metabolism, a clearer, sharper mind and increased energy- levels and vitality.

Feel relief from pain and chronic symptoms in a relaxing environment, complete with reclining chairs, air- purifier, ambient music, complimentary herbal teas and coffee- and the ‘must-try’ accompaniment to your session, ‘Redox’ or hydrogenated water, which is known to have multiple health benefits.

OxygenSpa is currently offering a special offer, exclusive to Olive Press readers. Bring this newspaper to the OxygenSpa to receive a 50% discount on your first session.

Contact the OxygenSpa team for more information, and for additional special offers for Olive Press readers on: +34 623402334 or inquiries to: [email protected]. Go to www.oxygenspa.es to read more about this potentially life-changing addition to the Marbella area or to make an appointment.

Niamh Ryan

Niamh Ryan is a new arrival among the ever- expanding Irish diaspora on the Costa del Sol. After graduating from Limerick University she worked as a primary teacher before embarking in a career as cabin crew with an international airline. She joined The Olive Press in January 2022. Contact her: [email protected]

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