THREE police officers were injured when a mass brawl erupted in a packed bar in Malaga. 

Cops suffered blows and bruises during the riot inside a pub on Isaac Peral Avenue. 

Nine people were arrested during the commotion – which began inside the bar and continued onto the street.

Officers were called to the pub at 4am on Sunday following reports from several members of the public of a ‘large disturbance’ inside the pub.

Police arrived at the scene where they found revellers shouting and arguing and called for back-up.

A statement from the police said: “We received reports of a large disturbance inside the premises.

“There was a commotion with arguing and shouting in the background and officers had to request extra forces from the neighbouring area command.

“Nine people were arrested but, during the incident, three police officers suffered blows and bruises.

“Fortunately their injuries were minor.”


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